Essay on Motivational Situation At Asda

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Motivational Situation at Asda
Asda is one of the biggest and leading grocery retail stores in the UK. They first got their start in 1920 in Northern England as a simple dairy farm. Over the years they expanded into Grocery Super Stores and had a total of 200 stores. Asda main selling point was, to sell at lower cost and sell as much as they can. But due to the 1991 economic changes and lack of communication through the executive’s department, the company began to fail. Going from 1 billion surpluses in 1987 to 1 billion in dept. by 1991. In the hopes of avoiding bankruptcy and complete failure, Asda needed to do something fast. The arrival of Archie Newman was the best thing that could have happened to Asda.
This is the situation Archie Newman was facing when he arrived in London for the very first time. He became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Asda and they were relying on him for change desperately. When he first got there, things looked bad and he was overwhelmed with the fear of failure. Archie Newman’s 1st day could have gone much better if he had first before excepting the job took the time to check out the area before moving him and his family there. But Archie’s problems didn’t just start there.
The biggest problems Adsa and Archie had to deal with was the structure and motivational factors of the executives all the way to the employees at the stores. Top executives had their offices located in another department away from their reporting’s. And this caused a…

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