Motivation To Go To College Essay

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Though I did well in high school, I didn’t have a motivation to go to college. First, I was born in a country where college education is worthless without family contacts, and second, I didn’t realize the world I was living in and was lazy. I was lazy, never enjoyed studying, but did well in high school simply because I was constantly under pressure from my mother to do so.
I was born in Georgia, the country in Eastern Europe. It was a part of the Soviet Union and suffered enormously when the Soviet Union collapsed. My parents divorced when I was still a kid. My mother emigrated to US in 2003 and my aunt raised me.
In 2008 I got my high school diploma, but decided to take a gap until I would get the US immigrant Visa to continue my college
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I can say undoubtedly that my first year in the United States was my best year in the life. I saw the world in a way I have never seen before. The existing opportunities gave me incredible stimulus and I became more passionate, driven, energetic, ambitious and open-minded. New blood and ideas are flowing in my body.
My first job in the US was at a supermarket where I worked 14 hours in a day and still remember the pains in my legs that often prevented me from sleeping at night. I used my lunch break to study English. At night during my way at home, I often recalled the time when I cared about nothing and wasted the most valuable resource, time. I can’t express in words the regret that I feel almost every day about my past.
Prior to entering the college, I set the goal to excel in all aspects of college life. Though still suffering and feeling extremely weak, I managed to get excellent grades in classes and took the responsibility for my own education rather than being satisfied solely with grades. I often raised hand during classes and had meetings with professors outside the classroom. In most classes, especially in my major area of study, I developed a passion for learning that extended beyond class assignments and very often pursued a topic beyond what professor asked me to do. I engaged in intellectual
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Through them I can stress test my opinions and understand where I am wrong. I can understand how the realities that affect me work and how to see the big picture, how to navigate in difficult situations and make right decisions individually. Being around many impressive professors such as Sunil Gulati and having the chance to interact with them will be a great experience. Professors at Columbia are well respected teachers and well respected leaders out in the economics field. They have the ability to really inspire the students and help students to be the best they can

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