Motivation And Intrinsic Motivation Theory Essay

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When deciding on the Basic Psychological Needs Scale to take, many thoughts came into my head. The first was my friendship with my best friend and roommate. I decided to choose this domain of my life because of all the people I spend time with; my roommate is the one I spend most time with. We have been friends for almost three years now and spend a lot of our time together as we go to the same school and also both play football. It was interesting to examine our relationship by taking the Basic Psychological Needs in Relationships Scale. In class we discussion self-determination theory. In this theory, the focus is put more on intrinsic motivation over extrinsic motivation. According to self-determination theory, there are three fundamental needs: autonomy, competence, and relatedness. Autonomy is independence or a feeling like you have control over your life. Competence is feeling effective in one’s actions, or having a task be optimally challenging. Relatedness, also referred to as belongingness, is the need for close other’s. After taking the basic psychological needs in relationships scale, I would categorize my motivation in my relationship with my roommate to be intrinsically motivated. The scores for all three fundamental needs in the scale were high with a score of 19 for autonomy, 18 for competence, and 17 for relatedness. By taking this scale and reflecting on my relationship with my roommate, I realize that there are both intrinsic motivators as well…

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