The Theory Of Self Determination Theory Essay

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Many of the well-known theorists of our time believed in the concept of human potential as it relates to the theory of self-determination. In order to actualize ones potential, we assume that people have a natural inherent tendency towards organization, and have certain characteristics and abilities that will flourish when nurtured. The article emphasizes the idea that self-realization and reaching ones potential is not an automatic process, but one that also requires certain conditions to be present to work.
Self-determination theory relies on the assumption that people are naturally inclined to be proactive and move towards greater integration in self-functioning. Instead of the term self-actualizing, self-determination theory uses the term “full functioning” (Edward L.Deci, 2013). What this refers to is the concept that people have access to all of their capacities and use them all “for experience, connection, and proactivity” (Edward L.Deci, 2013). The full functioning individual is characterized by being aware and mindful, demonstrating autonomy by self-regulating, and pursuing and attaining life goals intrinsic to them.
Autonomous behavior can be categorized into three types: (1) intrinsically motivated behaviors that are motivated by interest and enjoyment, (2) extrinsically motivated behaviors motivated by integrated values and ideals, and (3) emotionally motivated behaviors that have been well-integrated. The theory also asserts that human beings have three basic…

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