Mothers Who Have A Better Chance Of Having A Healthier Pregnancy And Baby

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By Dhara being in her early twenties she has a better chance of having a healthier pregnancy and baby. According to the book mothers who have their babies in their twenties are less likely to give birth to babies who have a chromosomal period and genetically influenced disorders, and also mothers who are in their twenties are more likely have more energy to keep up with a young. Whereas mothers who are in older will be more exhausted (Berk, 2010, P. 94). However, by Dhara being a full time student at a local university she will have a harder time providing for her baby since she isn 't finically suited. If Dhara was single parent in college and not financially suited, she could be having a harder time raising her baby, however, by her husband being a realtor it is possible to say that the family is finically suited. Berk states that today most mothers tend to have their first baby at an older age because they want to be financially suited before they have their first child (Berk, p. 94). Dhara took a pregnancy test before she missed her period. Dr. Wilcox and Dr. Baird explains that this is abnormal because many women usually take pregnancy tests the day of or after their missed periods, when implementation starts to take place (Wilcox, 2001). Before this pregnancy Dhara has 2 previous miscarriages. There could be many different reasons why a women has miscarriages for example her diet, fitness, alcohol, caffeine, drugs, health conditions, diseases, and infections. Since…

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