Mothers Are The Most Important People Essays

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Mothers are the most important people in a person 's’ life. People literally live inside them before they are born. So one can just imagine how close a person can become to his or her mother. In this day and age where most people come from single mothers, their moms are their entire lives. Although I did not come from a single mother, I always envied the relationships my friends had with their mothers who were single moms.
Although they did not have a father in their lives and they told me that I was lucky to have both who were married and still together, I always felt as if there was some void. When I went away to school and my friends’ parents would come down to visit, they were so happy. They talked to their mothers about everything. Their moms would listen and give great advice, and they enjoyed listening to their daughters talk to them even about troubling things. It made me sad.
Some background on my mother is that she got pregnant at seven teen years old. My mother then gave birth to my oldest sister, Lunden. She was kicked out of the house and left to raise my sister on her own. My sister 's father, who has twenty five kids that he does not keep in contact with, did not even sign her birth certificate, and remained out of her life. My mother then went on to marry another man and had two more daughters by him, Constance and Juel. He was abusive. He would beat on my mother and lock my oldest sister in the closet. She desperately left him in an effort to save the…

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