Mother Teresa Research Paper

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Mother Teresa:

An Angel Walking On Earth

She was called "Mother" by millions, yet she had no children. Dedicating her life to God's children, she was Mother Teresa. During the eighty seven years of her life, she devoted it to helping those in need. She considered everyone she met part of her family, part of God's family. Mother Teresa is influential on others today because she devoted her life to the poor, her focus revolved around Missionaries of Charity, and her work impacted adults and teens all over the world.

Mother Teresa is influential on others today because she devoted her whole life to those in need. She helped the poor by teaching them ways to improve their quality of life. "Her main goal was to teach the poor children to read
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The souls reached are benefited, knowing that the good of Jesus Christ is growing inside of them. Mother Teresa's goal was to reach out to those in need by helping them with their regular needs and to remind them to look to God in times of trouble and in …show more content…
Mother Teresa has given others a different perspective on life as well as God."Her Nobel Peace Prize ignited a series of books, articles, and newspaper articles on her hard work and mission" ("Mother Teresa is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, December 10, 1979”). Mother Teresa's work put an impact on others and their work. Others have been inspired to write about Mother Teresa and her great love for God and the poor. She believed that while she was serving the homeless living in poverty, in way she was also serving God. "By serving the poor, I am serving him" ("Mother Teresa is Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, December 10, 1979"). She had people convinced that when we do good/bad things for or to others, in a way we are also doing them for or to God. She has set an example for those serving the poor and God. No matter how good or bad a person is, Mother Teresa sees the greatness of Jesus Christ working through them. "With her message she is able to reach through to something innate in every humankind--If for no other purpose than to create a potential, a seed for good" ("Mother Teresa"). Mother Teresa touched the hearts of those who doubted their love for God. She has given people a mindset to reach out to those in need no matter what their situation. Mother Teresa has showed others that everyone is accepted. When hate has closed, love will open all doors.

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