More Than Just A Teacher Essay

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More Than Just a Teacher
When I first met my 9th grade English teacher, I never imagined that she would make such a tremendous impact in my life. Teachers are much like a second parent, you spend just as much time, if not more with them than your parents. My parents fought a lot and the constant fighting between them was unbearable.
I was sitting in my U.S. History class when I heard the intercom click on. “Mr. Z, could you have Adriana report to the office? Her mother is here.” I collected my things and headed to the office. I walked there slowly trying to figure out what could be going on. I open the office door and there was my mom. “Will you go get your books and take them to the library?” she urged. “What’s going on?” I responded. “I withdrew you from school, Hurry! We have to go.” My heart sank. One minute I’m in class and the next I’m heading back to my locker to collect my belongings. The school year had just started and this was all of a sudden.
We made our way through the parking lot and she tells me she purchased a home in Oklahoma City, we lived in Moore. “Does dad know about this?” My father and I had always been close; it turns out, he didn’t. My father owned a construction business so he was always busy with work. My mother handled the financial aspects of the business so I could see how she could have purchased this home without his knowledge. She wanted space, now my father had to maintain not one but two households. We get home and I packed some of my…

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