More Pmos Will Be Terminated Due From Continued Poor Project Performance

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This literature review aims to examine the literature available on the topic of “More PMOs will be terminated resulting from continued poor project performance in many organizations”. It would look at themes such as why some PMOs achieve success while others do not, reasons for poor performance of PMOs and what is the future of PMOs in organizations according to current literature. For the purpose of this review, articles were reviewed from journals e.g. International Journal of Project Management, European Journal of Information Systems, Ivey Business Journal, and Journal of Enterprise Information Management. Moreover, articles from credible web sites were used as well e.g. and
The Project Management Institute (PMI) [12] defines a PMO as:
“An organizational body or entity assigned various responsibilities related to the centralized and coordinated management of those projects under its domain. The responsibilities of the PMO can range from providing project management support functions to actually being responsible for the direct management of a project.”
PMO in different industries and organizations differ as they are made by organizations in response to specific needs and purposes. They may be created for a purpose, then disbanded and re-established to address a new need or environment. With an average life span of 3–4 years, PMOs need to justify their existence (Pellegrinelli, 2009). PMOs are a move towards centralization and maybe disliked by…

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