Unbroken By Adrienne Rich: Character Analysis

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Choice: The act of picking between two or more possibilities. This definition came right out of the dictionary and it makes choice sound very black and white. In reality, there are many factors that tie in with it. Every individual has a choice but their decision, whether good or bad are all based on their morals and their circumstances in life.
There are a wide variety of choices popping up constantly in everyday life. One example of this is shown in Adrienne Rich’s article. The overall meaning of the article is that students should not receive an education, but claim one by being active learners and not passive learners. Every individual acquires knowledge of the basic functions they need to get through life at a young age. In most cases,
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The two main characters in the movie are Elijah Price and David Dunn. Elijah was born with a disease that causes him to get injured very easily. As a child, he is taunted by the other children at school and they call him “Mr. Glass”. David Dunn is a security guard at a game stadium. David was on a train that derailed and killed everyone on board except for him. This prompts Elijah to believe that David may be a super hero. Like many would be in a situation like this, David was skeptical and refused to believe that he had abilities that the average person does not. There are many things that prove that David could be a hero such as his: muscles, “intuition”, and the lack of injuries or illness, but there is one thing that shows his unconscious decision to help people. “You could have been one of ten thousand things but in the end, you chose to protect people. You made that decision”. Even this does not convince him, but eventually reality hits David, that he is not normal. David finally realizes he is a super hero, but that leaves another question. Who is the villain? A villain is the opposite of the hero and in this story that means all the clues lead to Mr. Glass, otherwise known as Elijah Price. Elijah was on one of the spectrum with his extreme fragility and he realized that there had to be someone on the other end. He decided to do whatever it took to find this person even if that meant killing others. This other person of course was David Dunn. They’re “both on the same curve just on different ends”. At the end of the movie, it is revealed that Elijah caused all of the accidents including the train derailment in order to one day find the super hero he knew was out there. Once he had for sure figured out David was a hero that gave him a sense of purpose as a villain. In The Killing Joke, the Joker states that “it only takes one bad day” to change someone for better or

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