Morality Vs. Modern Morality Essay

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Much of what has happened in the past has been viewed through a modern lens, or rather seen in comparison to the current time period. This is problematic because morality and rightness in different periods and cultures are significantly different to the Western view on morality. Rome, as it happens, is a major contender for the differences in Ancient morality versus modern morality. Some of their societal norms, such as gladiatorial fighting, the constant warring, and the abundance of slavery have been looked down upon once they were uncovered in the current times.
When we contemplate societies outside of our own, we always find something that we do not agree with, and this includes societies in our distant and not-so-distant past. When we contemplate their existence and their norms with the bias of our Western 21st century morals, we can either miss something important or even disregard it as an activity that should not have been practiced and should never have been practiced. We may even add in information that we assume happened, but never did, as a result of our moral bias against the society’s custom. However, in some of these societies, these practices may have been considered important or even without the activity, the country or Empire would have never existed.
One such Roman custom was the tradition of gladiatorial fighting and the spectacle that it was considered. Many people know at least a little bit about the fact that Rome had gladiator fights, and most assume…

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