What Is Moral In Military, War, And Robots

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Moral in Military, War, and Robots
As we know from the article, the military spends money on the researches of ‘Moral Robots’. This aspect wondered me, because military institutions did not appear very moral respectively ethical to me.
However, I have researched on this topic, and checked if my prejudices were right or not.
As we know, the main task of the military is to protect the national security, while the police protect the inner security. However, a military sometimes helps the police. Protecting national security means that the military or the army can defeat its country in war situations.
As we know, conducting war is not very peaceful because in wars soldiers kill other people. Killing people is mostly not considered to be ethical.
But the military has also other tasks like coordinating emergency reliefs, e.g. during natural disasters to save lives of the people.
But firstly, the military in wars: many wars are going on right now all over the world. The main objective of mainly every war is to gain power, politically, or economically. Every war monger need its justification. I will give you an example: in the Syrian Civil War ISIS’ justification is that they conduct war in the interest of God, on behalf of religion. Russia and NATO, which is headed by the United States, also participate in that war. Russia
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For some people, it also may depend how the war is conducted. So, if the war mongers say that no civilian will be killed just ‘bad people’, more people would agree that war is the right way to solve that problem. Also, e.g. what weapons are used in the war. Usually weapons that kill people quickly and without unnecessary suffering are more accepted by the society. That is why chemical weapons are forbidden. However, some critics may say that that does not matter, that it does not matter how somebody loses his life in

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