Analysis Of Evangelii Gaudium By St. Francis Of Assisi

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This chapter is on the theology of distributive justice (the fairness in the distribution of wealth and resources of the community) through the moral theological framework of Catholic Social Teaching. The chapter begins with the general overview of the document- Evangelii Gaudium, its structural analysis and the presentation of the text which is followed by its thematic moral theological analysis. It also examines the Biblical foundation, the teaching of Church fathers, magisterial teaching, views of contemporary theologians, other views on distributive justice (National Constitution and State’s Policies), and the moral and theological implications of the text for the people of Ekiti State.

4.1 General Overview of Evangelii Gaudium Evangelii Gaudium (On the
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And while confined to his bed with a fever for several months, he came to realise the emptiness of his former life which was lived in luxurious and affluence. After he abandoned his former way of life, he redoubled his charities among the poor and the sick, especially the lepers. St Francis later surrendered all his worldly possession and gladly lived a life of simplicity (Saints Companion for Each Day …show more content…
This name (Francis), the Pope chose, reflects the blueprint of his pontificate, and in a special way, the document of Evangelii Gaudium. His personal thrust into this document lies in today’s world when the “people’s interior life become caught up in its own interests and concerns, as there seem no longer room for others, no place for the poor” (EG

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