Moral Awareness: The Importance Of Moral Awareness

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What comes to mind when you hear of people that have committed crimes and found guilty of doing something dreadful? If you are like the many people you do not understand how someone could do something so unethical unacceptable which makes you wonder where their consciousness was right? Maybe their moral awareness was lacking or perhaps they just tuned it out and had chosen doing the wrong thing over what was morally right. If only they just could have stopped to take a deep breath and really paid attention to that sick feeling telling them not to do it. Perhaps their moral awareness could have led them in a different direction instead of the road to despair with no return. That feeling my friends just happened to be their moral awareness …show more content…
Morale awareness what is it? After all, sometimes there is some misconception with the clarity and its importance. According to Ethics Unwrapped “moral awareness is the first step to acting ethically” (Being Your Best self, Part 1: Moral Awareness, 2018). Okay, now that we summed that up that leads us to behaving ethically what are we saying? Basically, it pertains to your morals and a set of key principles; connected to what is right and what is wrong in conduct. Now that the confusion is summed up a little I myself will get back to talking about my moral awareness. For yours truly it is like a long trail or pathway and along that path is your first step taken to your best ethical behavior. Personally, I’m very aware of my moral self and in fact, it has helped me make decisions and has alerted me to danger at times. Moral signifies that you are distressed with all fundamentals of both right and wrong actions and you can see decency and mercilessness of human integrity, right? What about awareness am I truly able to apprehend, feel, or be attentive of my beliefs and concerns? I myself cannot speak for anyone else but for myself, my answer is a definite yes. My morale awareness establishes itself loud and clear, I for one just need to listen and acknowledge it. By paying close attention to my moral self it will always lead to my best ethical behavior in

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