Montserrat Volcano Case Study Essay

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Montserrat is an island in the Caribbean that was previously a British Colony. The island is approximately 16 km long and 11 km wide. Montserrat is nicknamed “The Emerald Isle of the Caribbean” due to its vast green forest that covers the majority of the island. The countries capital, Plymouth is on the South East coast with Soufriere Hills to the North West. The island has an estimated population of 5,189. Montserrat has a literacy rate of 97% for both men and women, and 14% of total population is urbanised. The GDP per capita is $8,500 and the major economic activities are tourism, rum production, textiles and manufacturing electronic appliances.

Montserrat is in a group of islands called the
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September 17th 1996
The Soufriere hills volcano on the island of Montserrat erupted for 48 minutes.
June 25th 1997
The volcano spewed more rock and hot ash and killed 6 people while 17 were reported missing. Plymouth, the capital, is abandoned. Montserrat's airport is closed, the island is accessible only by helicopter or boat.
August 22nd 1997

In Montserrat voluntary evacuation of the islanders was begun. Two-thirds of the 12,000 inhabitants fled the island. It was expected that much of the island would not be habitable for 20 years after the eruptions ceased.

There have been five distinct phases to the eruption so far:
1) A period of extrusion from 1995 to early 1998, during which the dome grew and collapsed on a number of occasions.
2) Residual activity, from early 1998 to late 1999, when there was no extrusion of lava, but several collapses of the dome occurred, as well as small to moderate size explosions.
3) November 1999-July 2003. Renewed extrusion and growth of a large lava dome.
4) Three major collapses during the second phase of dome growth: in March 2000, July 2001 and July 2003.
5) August 2005 - current. Third phase of dome growth.

The Nation of the Eruption
Destructive plate boundary
The island is in an arc of around 15 volcanic islands
Heavy pyroclastic flows surrounding

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