Monotheistic Religion Research Paper

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According to monotheistic religions (i.e. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism), there is one singular deity, and he alone is the Architect and Upholder of the cosmos. Also, whether he be identified as Allah or Jesus Christ, this singular, and indivisible God bestowed upon humanity such prophets as Noah (Nuh), Abraham (Ibrahim), Moses (Musa), Solomon (Sulayman), David (Daud), Ezekiel (Dhul-Kifl), Jesus (Isa), etc. Furthermore, individuals ought to adhere to the Decalogue (bequeathed upon us by God by means of Moses) and the ethical dogmata’s of the God’s chosen few. Mary (Mariam), the mother of Jesus Christ, was pure, and untouched by men; thus Jesus’s birth was inexplicable. Moreover, concurring to both Islam and Christianity, Jesus is the Messiah …show more content…
the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit). Moreover, Christianity did not embrace the notion of the Triad until the Assembly of Nicea in 325 AD. At that time, certain Christians were Unitarians (those who have deemed God to be a singular entity). Even currently, there are Christians do will certainly never acknowledge the Trinity. Likewise, notable individuals have outright rejected the creed of Trinitarians, for instance, intellectuals such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, geniuses such as Sir Isaac Newton, revolutionary feminist icons such as Florence Nightingale, esteemed writer Charles Dickens, and architect Frank Lloyd …show more content…
In addition, Jesus is neither the Divine, nor his Son (in the verbatim sense). Also, Jesus was a mere human who was imparted with prophethood, for the All-Knowing deemed it to transpire. Subsequently, Muslims devote themselves to only Allah, the lone the designer of creation. In the Quran (the holy scripture of Islam), Allah is evidently the creator of Jesus (as he is for everyone) and is the uniform God that Jesus Christ in the present Bible indicates to as Father and to whom Jesus pleaded to. Also, Muslims deliberate Mohammad, Musa, and Isa as messiahs and heralds guided by God ("heralds" is the expression that denotes to messiahs who conveyed divine doctrines to their societies as a means of communication from Allah). Thus, even these select prophets were meager human beings, not ever celestial, and must certainly not be deified openly or obliquely. Irrevocably, archangels (such as Gabriel) are servants of God, who hold no free will. Angels (similar to humans) are constructed by God, hence, they are not godly and must not be adulated. Besides, The Quran avows that Jesus did not perish during his crucifixion, but Allah made it seem so, for he arose him to paradise. Again, the preponderance of Christians currently solemnly assert that Jesus was punished for the people’s sins and consequently expired due to his marytrship, yet nonetheless was revitalized by God.
Christians hold acclaim for the theory of "Original Sin"

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