Money Laundering In Australia Essay

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Money laundering is to hide the origin of such proceeds obtained through crime, or change the form of money or means to disguise the true owner. Illegal money laundering scale goes from around the world showed that up to $ three trillion 8650 a year. In countries that astronomical proceeds of crime are converted into legitimate funds through financial institutions such as banks are struggling to prepare countermeasures. According to UNODC, The funding of up to 5% of the world's 189 countries in 2014 (GDP) has been illegally laundering. Money laundering goes in secret and complicated to exploit the international financial system is difficult to identify the entities with the efforts of individual countries. As a result of international criminal law experts have leaned match head to seek a solution. Korea Institute of Criminology, Criminal Procedure Law Society of Korea hosted the International Conference on the world's top five countries with the theme of 'frozen and deprivation of proceeds of crime "in the Supreme Prosecutor's Office eight days. In the ceremony, Jean-Paul Albert Paris felony court judge had explained the laws of France and the revision process results in criminal money-exchange best practices. France is suspected of laundering …show more content…
Money laundering is concealing the source of funds and illegal methods used for the purpose of illegal acquisition of funds by criminal groups often act to make a profit, as tax evasion or used for terrorist financing purposes. AMF / CTF Act under financial transactions, companies that provide services such as electronic games, gambling, are required to be collected and verified the customer's identity, source of funds, recipient information, and report to the authorities about suspicious matters. All of the country as well as Australia must establish reasonable law like

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