Oxford Dictionaries: What´s Organized Crime?

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What is organized crime?
Oxford Dictionaries says Organized crime is criminal activities that are planned and controlled by powerful groups and carried out on a large scale. The FBI say when you think of organized crime, you probably picture the Italian and Sicilian Mafioso of television and the silver screen. But in recent years, the face of organized crime has changed, and the threat is broader and more complex than ever. They tell us more bout this change and who they are. Like Russian mobsters who fled to the U.S. in the wake of the Soviet Union’s collapse; Groups from African countries like Nigeria that engage in drug trafficking and financial scams; Chinese tongs, Japanese Boryokudan, and other Asian crime rings; and Enterprises based
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Organized crime is big a business. In 2009 it was estimated to generate $870 billion. Organized crime encompasses virtually all serious profit-motivated criminal actions of an international nature where more than one country is involved. There are many activities that can be characterized as organized crime, including drug trafficking, smuggling of migrants, human trafficking, money-laundering, trafficking in firearms, counterfeit goods, wildlife and cultural property, and even some aspects of cybercrime. It threatens peace and human security, leads to human rights being violated and undermines the economic, social, cultural, political and civil development of societies around the world. The vast sums of money involved can compromise legitimate economies and have a direct impact on governance, such as through corruption and the "buying" of elections. Every year, countless lives are lost as a result of organized crime.(from …show more content…
Organized crime in the United States has taken on an increasingly transnational nature. This shift has been facilitated by factors such as economic globalization and improved communications technology.
Offender characteristics of organized crime are a little different these offender have big roles. The major attribute of the organized offered is planning of the crime. Organized crimes are premeditated, not spur of the moment.
The Impact of Organized Crime it isn’t easily measured, but we know it’s significant. Organized crime rings manipulate and monopolize financial markets, traditional institutions like labor unions, and legitimate industries like construction and trash hauling. They bring drugs into our cities and raise the level of violence in our communities by buying off corrupt officials and using graft, extortion, intimidation, and murder to maintain their operations. Their underground businesses including prostitution and human trafficking sow misery nationally and globally. (FBI DATABASE)
The FBI gives use a great out line to combat or prevent organized crime it

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