Money Laundering Stages

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Money laundering can be a complex process that involves three different stages, the first being Placement, which in loves physically placing illegally obtained money into the financial system or retail economy. Money is most exposed to detection and seizure during the placement stage. Another stage of money laundering consist of Layering which involves separating the illegally obtained money from criminal source by providing a series of transactions trail to make it difficult to trace money to original source. The last stage of money laundering is integration that involves laundering money with the purchases of goods. The main focuses of the stages are connecting the three stages of this process to the financial transactions and diverting a …show more content…
The result of these financial crimes is that criminal laws that were created to reduce crimes to take the profit out of the crime. Identifying assets that are an instrument or represent a transaction to a crime shall be seized under a court order. Money laundering made unrewarding and as risky as handling stolen goods would impact the financial crimes, because these crimes affect everyone. Money laundering increases taxes for those who evade taxes, increase insurance policy premiums for those that are not involved in financial crimes. In results of these financial crimes, the cost for business is higher which is in result in a mix of less profit and higher profit to consumers which makes local business more likely to financial fraud and local businesses money flows into corrupt businessman and politicians imaged in trafficking drugs, arms, people, and influence. These financial crimes raise the cost of living and you have less to spend on things you need to spend your money on creating in some instances a boosted market off illegal funds being laundered. The Economic effects of money laundering on a broad scale, effects developing countries more frequently due to the lack of established government policy, structure, and regulation for newly privatized financial establishments. Laundered money is usually untaxed, meaning that the people have to …show more content…
The monetary structure in financial institutions is the outcome of a system that needs to highly enforce regulations to help tighten enforcement on the anti-money laundering policies. As the policies, regulation and enforcement progress to eliminate the battle against one of the largest industry in every country there will continue to be money laundered because their is no guaranteed that corruption will not occur. The policies and regulations in place are only as strong as the structure and the people implementing

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