Essay On Corruption In The 1920s

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Despite the 1920s being known as one of the greatest eras of all time due to its luxurious lifestyles and inordinate parties that seemed to start when the sun disappeared and didn't end until the sun once more appeared again, nevertheless, the 1920s was also a time where corruption in government, gang violence and crimes against U.S. law an insurmountable rise that had its disastrous consequences. At the time, President Warren G. Harding was a president that was adored by many, but shortly after his unexpected death, scandals such as the Harding Administration Scandal and the Teapot Scandal came to light and ruined the reputation of this once adored president. Another form of corruption seen at the time was the famously known World Series fixing …show more content…
Gangs and mobs saw the business as a way to make money and control of the social classes (Gangsters of the 1920’s Par. 1). In the 1920s, gangsters thrived off of the fear they cause upon others, but they kept a low profile to protect themselves from their rivals and officials (Par. 1). All of their criminal activities had to do with defeating their rivals rather than focusing on revenge (Gangsters, Mobsters, & Outlaws Par. 5). However, by the 1930s, the gangsters and mobsters became more brutal and violent. They started to kill people to get money or valubale iteams (Par. 5). Three famous gangsters known in the 1920s were Al Capone, Dutch Schultz, and Charles Luciano. All three men either joined a gang or was born into one and were known for their bootleging business along with blackmail and violent actions (Gangsters of the 1920’s). Al Capone and Charles Luciano, or Scareface and Lucky, were sent to jail but not for their bootlegging business. Al Capone was put behing bars for not paying his taxes while Luciano was convicted of extortion and prostitution (Par. 2 and 4). Dutch Schultz on the other hand, was shot down at a resteraunt by a man who was responsible for many other deaths (Par.

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