How Did Prohibition Cause America's Crime

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Before this decade began, prohibition was ratified by the American government in hopes of decreasing crime and violence. Unfortunately, the act had the complete opposite effect and the economy has been crashing down. While unemployment rose, the number of illegal bars increased and because of the shortage of alcohol, mobsters are making easy money by distributing their own home made drink. Because the alcohol is not being made by professional factories, the alcohol is poor and many people are becoming sick from alcohol poisoning. Also mobsters often fight each other over sales territories, and the fights do not end peacefully. Prohibition profusely causes even more crime and violence than ever before. Mr. Alphonse (Scarface) Capone is now one of, if not the most famous American gangster. In 1925, Capone rose to full leadership of the Colosimo gang after the previous leader Johnny Torrio had retired after being seriously wounded. He built his mob into a deadly group and secured racketing rights, distilling and distributing alcohol, and controlled the smuggling of alcohol in several Chicago areas. As other gangs were being eliminated, Capone’s mob quickly became a force to be reckoned with. Earlier this year, the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre was one of the bloodiest attacks of this gang era and it is …show more content…
Murder rates nearly doubled and other crime rates increased 13 percent. Also the federal inmate amount increased to an astonishing 561 % and of course the government could not possibly pay for all of this causing the economy to decline. With approximately 100,000 speakeasy bars in New York City alone, the 1,550 federal agents that are supposed to be preventing the ubiquitous distribution of alcohol have an impossible job. Hopefully, the government will repeal the prohibition of alcohol and put things how they were before this whole fiasco

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