Essay on Monday Morning Leadership

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Monday Morning Leadership
Book Report Monday Morning Leadership is an excellent book written about several broad aspects of leadership. David Cottrell uses a simple dialogue between Jeff and his mentor, Tony, to keep the book interesting, easy to read, and informational. To effectively summarize and report on this book I will look at the different ideas Cottrell presents separately. Jeff finds himself caught in a rut and turns to an acquaintance from the past for help. Tony agrees to help Jeff as long as Jeff will commit to meeting Tony over the next eight weeks and teach what he learns to others. Over the eight weeks Jeff meets with Tony he discovers several new approaches that help him overcome deficiencies in his leadership and
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A leader can't always focus on improving only the weakest member of the team. Instead of lowering the bar, push the bar upward by coaching even the strongest team member. The fourth idea is the "Do Right Rule". This is in essence will be reiterated throughout Officer Candidate School when we say "An Officer Candidate will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do." Even when no one is looking a leader should always make the decision that is right, not the easiest. In Jeff's case he had to fire Todd for drinking although none of Jeff's team had knowledge that Jeff had caught Todd in the act. Tony sums it up nicely when he presents the idea that a persons' integrity is the most valuable thing a person has. Tony also presents the idea of contingency planning. A difficult decision is not a decision at all when a plan has been previously been made. In "Hire Tough" Tony presents the idea of picking the right people. Selecting the right people for the job is important. When selecting a person for a specific job it is important to be prepared and have people that you trust to consult with. Tony also tells Jeff not to lower his standards to get results in the short term. Long term results are more difficult to obtain, but if you stick to high standards and having the right people for the job they are obtainable. Tony and Jeff's sixth meeting focused on "Do Less or Work

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