Mold Safety Research Paper

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Professional Mold Prevention Services in Eastern North Carolina
Though mold is often seen as a silent organism that grows on the corners of your walls and ceilings, it can be life-threatening if you leave it unattended. Common house molds come in three classes, and each one affects your health differently:
Molds that are in the allergenic category don’t pose as a serious threat to most individuals. However, environments that are harboring allergenic molds are not suitable for individuals with asthma and allergies because the molds are known to induce the symptoms of their condition.
Pathogenic molds attack individuals who have compromised immune systems. Being exposed to pathogenic molds with a weak immune system can result to
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Excess moisture encourages mold growth, especially when it’s located in dark and humid areas with lots of organic material. There are several ways you can control or remove moisture from your property. Listed below are a few moisture prevention methods you can apply.
Basement Insulation and Crawl Space Encapsulation
Having your basement insulated and your crawl space encapsulated ensures that the areas are protected from condensation. The materials used in insulation and encapsulation increases the temperature of your property, which keeps the surfaces in your basement and crawl space warm. They also act as vapor barriers that protect your plumbing and concrete walls from moisture.
Water Leak Repairs
Water leaks are the leading causes of moisture accumulation and indoor flooding. If you suspect that your plumbing or roof is harboring leaks, do not delay their repairs. You can fix the leaks via simple repair methods and DIYs, but if the leaks are difficult to handle the professionals are just a phone call away. Letting the professionals deal with the repairs is and safer because they have the equipment and expertise to deal with the

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