Modernization Of The Arab And Persian Worlds Essay

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Due to the ever increasing pressures of the surrounding world, the Arab and Persian worlds were disrupted through the processes of modernization. The reasons for these changes were not always for the Westernization of the state but rather for the adoption of selected European innovations, however, judicial practices and social interactions during this era of transformation were thoroughly disrupted in what was a disorienting and tumultuous experience for the people of the Middle East. The continuous changes caused by modernity brought about a cultural renaissance that would see the people of the Middle East searching for a path free of future interference with a united identity.
In the years immediately following World War I, state introduced reforms aimed to restructure Iranian life. Within the country, there was an apparent restricting of the judiciary system as Reza Shah Pahlavi began the process of modernizing the nation as a whole by instituting economic, judicial and societal reforms thereby setting the stage for the birth of today’s modern Iran. As can be seen in published court transcripts of the era, not even the worst of murderers can be denied the rights guaranteed to them by a democratic institution. Secularization of Iran 's institutions and the establishment of democratic principles like separation of religious establishments and state were a relatively modern occurrence. The increasing secularism of Iran became most notable in its legal and judicial systems.…

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