Modernization Of Mexico 's Economic System Essay

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To continue the modernization of Mexico’s economic system, Diaz encouraged foreign financial investment. The cientificos believed that Mexico’s “salvation lay in transforming Mexico into a white man’s country oriented by European values and customs.” More than before, Mexico’s politics became influenced by Western European and American economies. To accelerate economic growth, he began an industrial revolution. Mass railroad construction further industrialized the nation and promoted capitalism because it increased agricultural commercialization and the demands of petroleum and other natural resources. In essence, Porfirio Díaz worked to consolidate his control over the government by exercising power over rural regions with the help of the rural police force (rurales) and the military. The ownership of land remained in the the hands of the hacendados, who benefited from Diaz’s government legislations and displaced the rural laborers. Although these changes urbanized the former rural provinces, they failed to satisfy the needs of the lower class and rural laborers as it contributed to a gap in wealth distribution. The advantages of the reforms of the Porfiriato were not enough to counteract the growing opposition by the end of Diaz’s regime. The recession of 1907-1908 worsened work conditions and the government restricted the right to strike or unionize, which dissatisfied the working class. Under Diaz, the political regulations that imposed restraints on territorial and…

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