Modern Television Dramas And Social And Cultural Stereotypes Essay

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QUESTION 2: Modern television dramas can reinforce and/or subvert dominant ideologies. Discuss this statement with reference to one television drama series you have studied.

Television dramas have the power to represent versions of reality, both subverting and normalising social and cultural stereotypes. The law drama series Suits (2011) reinforces the dominant ideologies of inequality by sexualisation of women and promoting a misconception of men. The show can be interpreted as a “man show”. The plot revolves around two white, straight, attractive, men: Harvey Spectre, who is a well known, big-headed, talented lawyer and Mike Ross, who has encyclopaedic knowledge however was undereducated associate. The main “antagonist” is in fact a male, Louis Litt, who is sneaky and despises Harvey. They are joined by three attractive female characters: Jessica Pearson, a strong, powerful, black boss, Rachel Zane, an independent, young adult who works as a paralegal at the firm, Donna Paulson, Harvey’s long-term, sassy, devoted assistant. The reinforcement on the dominant ideology of equality has influenced me to respond against the how the women and men are portrayed as it an unrealistic and is giving a false image on law firms and how they are run.

In the law drama TV series, Suits, the ideology of sexualisation of women objectifies the dominant ideology through costuming. The costumes in which the only three recurring female characters are shown in are usually figure hugging…

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