Modern Technology And Its Effects On Children And Adults Essays

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Technology Dependance Modern technology will soon become a complication instead of an advantage. The creation of technology that performs humanlike tasks properly, if not better, can reverse the roles of both the controller and what is being controlled. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have already came to be an issue in society by becoming one of many addictions and effects the education system for both children and adults. Through the use of advanced technology, social interaction has severely reduced in terms of face-to-face conversations. Without a change in the “improvements” of technology, our future lives will have a negative outcome. To start, our futures are at risk of being dictated by self-operating technology due to the pace at which technology is advancing. Blinding, humans have set a trap for themselves by installing technology in cars that mimic human behavior . According to the author of Our Future Selves and former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt,“ Rather than testing the biological limits of human drivers with thirty-hour trips, the computer can take over primary responsibility…” (230). Although currently, this can have a positive effect on the driver, the advanced technology can end up in taking over the position of making decisions. For example, though the driver won 't need to worry much about driving from point A to point B, there is still a risk of the computer malfunctioning which can result in a car accident. The technology in cars…

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