Modern Societies Doom Without Space Exploration Essay

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Modern Societies Doom without Space Exploration
The world without NASA, also known as National Aeronautics and Space Administration, innovation would be a bleak world indeed. Think of all the modern technologies that you use every day without thinking twice about it. Now, imagine them gone! What would our modern society look like? Technologies like power tools, cell phones, modern computer processors, and microwaves are just some of the many contributions that NASA brought to us. Still, there are those among our society that either don’t truly understand these marvelous contributions made or they are just unaware of them completely. The goal of this paper is to not only inform the non-subject matter experts of our population on these contributions but to also educate them as to why we should continue to support our flagging space programs. For without these programs, the continued development of our technological society will fall by the wayside until American society is surpassed by other nations in the global world.
To start, NASA has made past contributions to our society by developing technologies that we now use on a daily basis to make our lives more efficient and productive. Some of these technologies such as your cell phone started in its infancy right at NASA. The cell phones that you walk around with every day are now loosely based on the communications that NASA developed so that they would be able to communicate directly with their astronauts in space. Other…

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