Modern Motorized Range Of Motion Essay

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Introduction Limited range of motion often incapacitates individuals from living a full life and often requires time and the resources of caretakers to pander to needs to physically handicapped patients. With the maturation of the ‘baby boomer’ generation, there is a sudden onset of the need for specialized care for the geriatrics, but without the labor force to match the demand. With the advancement of technology, new needs can be met. Standard wheelchairs are bereft of motion without able-bodied individuals to operate them, and is not a viable mode of transportation for those who do not have the strength to propel themselves or people to look after them. This leads to many leading secluded, bed ridden lives forgoing meaningful living. Modern motorized wheelchairs circumvent the issue of mobility, but are a technology that only a few have been able to afford due to the exorbitant costs and often require the individuals to at least have the capacity transfer into and out of one, while many have neither the faculty nor facility to get out of bed, making such a device incompatible with these set of users. The need for a device that allows both locomotion and rest arises. The benefit of such a device was the reduction in cost to the end user due to lack of need for purchasing another bed, and added mobility, afforded in cases where the user lacked the strength to move without assistance. A new low cost alternative to current competitors allows patients to take control of their…

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