Modern Media And Its Impact On The World War II Essay example

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Capitalistic industrialization has reshaped the communication systems in order to support dominant political values, because cross-ownerships of multinational corporations and media institutions work together to enhance their profit motives. A capitalistic tactic of media manipulation is when joint forces of military and media institutions collaborate with each other to justify the essentials of war, framing it as functional. Media perceives war as necessary to maintain a safe society that results in mass support of war to ratify policies to increase the forces of war production. Mainstream media made America believe the terrorist responsible for 9-11 had biological and chemical weapons, so American voters can support the war on terrorism to ratify support of policies that reinforce the powers of the military. For example, “In April of 2003, 75 percent approved of US policy in Iraq” (LAVERY). By feeding the American people false information, media corporations have the power to pursue profit over any means.
War time is boom time for the defense industry and mass production is funded to the military, in order for America to uphold its military dominance. According to research, “The United States has spent more than $7.6 trillion on defense and homeland security since the attacks of September 11, 2001” (Lavery). This can conclude how corporate media frames information in a perspective that emphasizes on necessaries of military dominance, instead of the economic deficit. The…

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