Modern Family And I Want A Wife Analysis

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Weighing In
What is a modern family? Why do you want a wife? And why do people still get married? These questions are asked throughout “Modern Family” by Mena Charen and “I Want a Wife” by Judy Brady. Marriage is the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a women, or same sex as partners in a relationship. Marriage to me is a give and take relationship between two people who love and understand each other. In comparing and contrasting “Modern Family” and “I Want a Wife” they are very similar in that they both talk about marriage and family.
In “Modern Family” columnist and political analyst Mona Charen argues improving the power of formal marriage. A critic of same-sex marriage, Charen concentrates in this essay on straight marriage. Her claim is that a “piece of paper” matters. In other words formal society brings together two people with fundamentally different strengths, which combine in a single life-long effort. Charen idea is that men and women bringing different things to the table is not without its critics. In “I Want a Wife” by Judy Brady, Brady makes a persuasive argument concerning a woman’s duty as a wife in a family household. Her message was
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As stated by Charen “Surveys consistently find that women do much more housework than men, even in cohabitating relationships”. While Brady lists several duties showing women doing most work around the house. “I want a wife that is expected to clean the house for guest and serve the guest”. “I want a wife who will cook, clean and take care of the children”. A funny twist to both articles is the topic of each being questioned. As the title of “Modern Family” ending off in a question mark. Throughout the article a modern family is being questioned. In “I Want a Wife” while Brady list duties women do from a man point of view to show she too would want a wife. Also ending off her article by saying “My God, who wouldn’t want a

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