Modern Electronics and Todays' Youth Essay examples

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Modern Electronics and Todays' Youth

Jojade S. Garbiles

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Problem of the Study The researcher of this study wants to know if how electronics affects the lives of the people specially the youth. And by that, it becomes the problem of this term paper. To learn if what are the connections of electronics in any different form such as media, gadgets and so many other. This problem of the study would also be associated with the different characteristics of the youth that became the market of the electronic companies. the study would also tackle the different advantages of electronics in every aspect of life of a youth. Such as on their education, on their physical fitness,
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It was in 1896 when the first application of the electron tubes was made. They were used in radio communications by Guglielmo Marconi. By 1906, he finally made an impact by creating long-distance radio communication. It proved to be revolutionary step in the field of electronics B. Definition
Electronics is the study and use of electrical devices that operate by controlling the flow of electrons or other electrically charged particles in devices such as thermionic valves and semiconductors. The pure study of such devices is considered as a branch of physics, while the design and construction of electronic circuits to solve practical problems is part of the fields of electrical, electronic and computer engineering. C. Scope and Limits
Electronic only cover the little components and contains a little amount of voltage. II. Today’ Youth A. Characteristics
According to a blogger in yahoo today youth are:
1) Innocence
2) Trusting of authority
3) Whistle Blowers
4) The need to please authority figures
5) No loyalty to friends

B. Mentality
Here is the list of what the youth thinks today:
a. girls. b. relationships c. friends d. writing e. parties f. music g. tattoos h. work i. money j. college k. clothes l. haircuts m. cooking n. softball o. cars p. sleeping q. traveling r. facebooking s. meeting new people t. trying new things.
C. Compared to Last Century
Word apply more to

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