Growing Up In Washington Heights And New York City

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Growing up in two different time periods, you might see things differently then someone who grew up in a different time period as you. Violence, drugs, laws, people, and crimes change as the year’s progress. When it comes to my parents thoughts on how our neighborhood is, compared to what it use to be, is completely different from mine. My parents were growing up around the 1980’s in, and New York City experienced 1,814, homicides during the year of 1980. This is three times what we are experiencing today. Drugs like crack and cocaine blew up in 1984, and cocaine was available in cities all across New York, especially in Upper Manhattan also known as Washington Heights. Upper Manhattan is mostly populated by Dominican people; these immigrants were willing to do anything and everything to make a living. The MTA(Metropolitan Transportation Authority )consist of 468 stations, and covers about 5,000-square-mile in region. The Trains and busses are available 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. There is 4,373 buses, and a bust stop within every two blocks. With this being said it was very easy to access the other four boroughs, to sell they’re drugs. Washington Heights was one of the major drug trafficking spots. Considering Spanish Is the language Dominicans speak, Colombian suppliers began associating with the Dominican drug dealers of Washington Heights; the drug problem got out of hand, and the Dominican drug dealers made a living off of their drug money, just like the Columbians. As drug dealers rose in Washington Heights, so did crime. The 34th Precinct reported a total of 10,027 …show more content…
They believe that everyone is either out doing drugs or something there not suppose to be doing. Being that I’m Dominican my parents don’t like me hanging out with people in our neighborhood or walking around late, because she thinks ill just end up like

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