Models of Health Essay

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Unit 1 models of health

There are two different models of health of which will be looking at the bio medical model and social model of health, there are numerous models and explanations that highlight biological as well as social and psychological processes (Naidoo and Wills, 2008; Aggleton, 1990).

The biomedical model is what dominates today’s medical profession, “People are healthy so long as they show no signs of bodily abnormality” (Aggleton, 1990). This is a typical biomedical statement it shows that medical practitioners who follow the biomedical model are more focussed on treating the body and not the mind, this is because it is quicker and cheaper to treat a person with drugs rather than delve into treating the mind with
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The biomedical model doesn’t expect a person to sit and wait to get ill, they expect a person to help themself prevent illness they expect to listen and apply the positive health messages from medical practitioners and consider their lifestyle choices (cultural explanation) then they would be healthy e.g. the Tories ‘Health of the Nation’ (DoH, 1992); Labour in ‘Choosing Health: making healthy choices easier’ (DH, 2005).

One of the first definitions to elaborate on the biomedical model of health was stated by WHO (1946), “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Although, this is an idealistic view according to, Aggleton (1990).

Critics have argued that the WHO definition of health is utopian, inflexible, and unrealistic, and that including the word “complete” in the definition makes it highly unlikely that anyone would be healthy for a reasonable period of time. Üstün & Jakob. 2005

Although compared to the biomedical model of health the social model goes beyond purely physical health, the social model is socially constructed this means that it is time and place dependant and takes a more holistic view when it comes to health, this means that it takes the whole person and surroundings into account compared to the biomedical model where the doctor just looks

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