Mob Hysteria Analysis

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Mob Hysteria is said to be one of the most influential ways of beguiling or causing others to become one person to another; this could mean a person can be perfectly healthy one day and be sick the next due to a disease that is spreading, or a person accusing another for a particular reason. Thus, starts a situation that can be formidable if the situation continues to build up. For example, on January 30, 1962, three schoolgirls from a mission-run boarding school in Kashasha, Tanzania began laughing uncontrollably. within minutes, other students were affected by this contiguous laughter from the two students. The symptoms of this “infection” lasted a couple hours for most students, but for others, it continued up to sixteen days. Mob Hysteria is a phenomenon that researchers have attempted to understand the reason why individuals act …show more content…
Throughout the book, the reader reads about how witchcraft is suppose to be a job for a prudent rather than a group of young adults attempting the action without any experience. To be specific, Tituba, the slave of Reverend Parris, took a group of young female adults into the woods and began working with witchcraft to fulfill the group’s wishes, and desires. During this process, Betty Parris faints and every other woman in the group starts to panic. After this accident, Tituba brings Betty Parris to the Parris’ household and tries to explain what happened, Instead, Reverend Parris is furious of this happening to his daughter; as quoted, “Out of here! Out of my sight! Oh my God! God help me! Betty, child. Dear child, will you wake, will you open up your eyes! Betty, little one..”(8). This quote demonstrates a catastrophe is able to produce trepidation and distress among those who were not part of the situation. This is how Mob Hysteria will have an impact with the characters later on in The Crucible.
With mob hysteria being the cause of the Salem Witch Trial, the book,

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