Examples Of Mass Hysteria

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1692 was a wicked prejudicial year for those in the United States. Anybody who feels like they are in harm's way will try their best to feel a sense of safety. The more people who feel threatened about the same thing the more chaos occurs due to mass hysteria. This not only refers to modern day crime but events throughout history as well. A good example of mass hysteria and the need to feel secure happened during the time of the Salem witch hunts that led to the trials of Salem. Many monstrosities took place during the Salem witch trials.
The Salem witch trials all began in 1692 when two young girls, Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams, started having sudden fits. The doctor at the time suggested that these were due to witchcraft.
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"Magical ideas contributed by the servant Tituba and neighbors soon led to the suspicion of witchcraft. Arrests expanded from the socially marginalized to upstanding members of the community. Investigations allowed the admission of “spectral evidence”: that victims could see the spirit of an attacking witch." Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne both denied any work with the devil and witch craft, but Tituba didn’t. She ended up confessing to witch craft and she also told that there were other witches in the colony; This caused an uproar. Colonists started trying to find the other witches and so started what we now know as the Salem witch hunt of 1692.
Once the colonists became suspicious of all those around them, they started accusing others that many today would find crazy. "Recover the voices. A four-year-old girl condemned for witch-craft because her mother is called a witch."ii Soon they accused Martha Corey, who was fully involved with the church, of being a witch and this caused people to assume if she could be a witch anybody could be. This led to Dorothy Good, Sarah Good's 4-year-old daughter to be questioned under trial. Many more women are soon accused for what others believe they practice but none are yet

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