Salem Witch Hunt Book Report

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Atish Patel
History 130
Spring 2016
Dr. Robert Miller

The Salem Witch Hunt
This all started in colonial history, unreasonable actions mostly that were superstition and used to explain events that were viewed as paranormal. This dates back to the Essex County in Massachusetts in 1962. This book is a brief history with documents from the past. This book is written in genuine manner and very easy to read. The panic first started in Salem village, a small farming community north of Boston. By the time the court had stopped its proceedings, nineteen people had already been hanged and many others who were waiting in the prison waiting for the trials (Part 1). It destroyed entire New- England and lives of innocent people, families. It is said
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It all happened at Goodwin’s house. The suspected people were sent to prison then there was a Horseshoe Controversy in Newberry, Massachusetts (43). Most of the cases presented were somehow related to God or either the devil. Again considering the case of John Hale’s account (51), when the witnesses were molested by Satan, the girls cried upon Tituba and Sarah (53). Upon this, they were sent to prison. She was then examined in prison and had body marks of the devil wounding her. She was considered a witch (53). In 1692, on July 12th death warrant for Sarah was issued (81). Godbeer says that when pleading not guilty they put themselves on God and if passed guilty by the jury you would be set free from the execution (83). John Proctor was one the men’s charged with the witchcraft. It is said that he worshiped in Salem town and not in the church (92). Godbeer says he criticized many people and also was his vocal opposition to the trials. Critics such as for Proctor were very quickly accused of witchcraft themselves and under the assumption that if anyone denied the existence of witches or tried to defend the accused they must be one of them and were brought to trial themselves. Proctor’s entire family was accused including all his children, his pregnant wife Elizabeth, and his sister-in-law (Web). He was arrested on April 11 and hanged on 19th August. According to a petition by Proctor said that there were innocent people around and they would not confess united beaten to blood (96). New England considered a God’s kingdom was becoming a Satan conspiracy. There were eleven people convicted and more to be executed soon (143). Over 50 accused were said to have some relation with the devil (Document 76). Later when the summer had arrived there were men and women who confessed and explained that they had lied (Document 77-80) but there was also a confession of William Barker Sr. that a devil

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