Human Condition In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

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What is Arthur Miller trying to communicate about the human condition in The Crucible?
Humans are easily swayed by hysteria and when that occurs bad thing can arise. Humans tend to lose their minds and give in even to the most craziest ideas, news, accusations, etc.
Address each of his themes with respect to the following topics.
Infidelity & Jealousy : Pg. 54, 55, 67 ; They lead to resentment, vengeance, and bad deeds.
Self-respect and Reputation: Pg. 10, 11, 26 ; In a theocratic Salem, to be associated with witchcraft would hurt your reputation. At the very end, John refuses to sign his testimony because of self-respect. If he dares to sign, he will lose the only thing he has which is his name, he has already given up his soul. If he
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In the Red Scare, fear of communism caused a massive witch trial which lead people to accuse others of being communists or communist supporters. People would be accused of high treason and would be sentenced to death. A difference would be that Miller puts more emphasis on the aspects of the witch hunt: how such a single accusation can cause mass hysteria, fear, anxiety, etc. He points out how worthless these accusations were and the dangers they caused to the people around them.
4. What role did grudges and personal rivalries play in the witch trial hysteria?
They are what began the Salem Witch Trial in the first place. Any kind of grudge served to blame the person who had caused it. Grudges also served as a justification for accusing a person of being a witch, being guilty of something, etc.
Pg. 61: Elizabeth: John -grant me this. You have a faulty understanding of young girls. there is a promise made in any bed-.... Elizabeth is jealous because she thinks John is having an affair with Abigail
Pg. 70: Elizabeth: Question Abigail Williams about the Gospel, not myself…. Elizabeth tries to puts the blame on Abigail because she dislikes her and because she is
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72 Matha being accused by Walcott for selling him pigs that soon died after
Pg. 73: Cheever: Why, Abigail Williams charge her. Abigail charges Rebecca to get rid of her and stay with John 5. Give examples of hysteria from the play.
Pg. 68: I never knew until tonight that the world is gone daft with this nonsense
Pg. 71: Elizabeth: They’ve sure gone wild now, Mr. Hale! ; they accuse Elizabeth, Rebecca, and Giles’s wife, and husbands are worried 6. What examples of mass hysteria exist today, and what qualities do they share with the hysteria in The Crucible?
An example of mass hysteria would be Trump’s election as president. Many immigrants, specifically Mexicans, feared that their families would be deported or taken away from them at any moment. This is a quality that is shared in The Crucible- people fear that their families be taken away, killed, arrested, etc.
Another example would be when there were a lot of hurricanes occurring almost at the same time during the year 2017. Mass hysteria occurred when families found out that family members or close friends in those countries/states could be striked by the coming hurricanes. Just like in The Crucible, families fear that their loved ones be harmed and maybe even

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