Mmr Vaccination And The Mmr Vaccine Essay

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Immunizations have received much prejudice in the recent years as to the cause of many health problems, when in actuality they remain around to manage many dangerous diseases from resurfacing. However, this fact will not stop parents from refusing them for their children. Even though there can potentially be severe side effects to vaccines, parents need to educate themselves in regards to them as they have not be proven to cause Autism, the schedule set for immunizations is effective, and that herd immunity is not effective at protecting your child. Over the past few years, there has been considerable speculation on whether the MMR vaccine causes Autism in children. The reason for this is that the onset of Autism will usually surface around the same time that a two year old will receive the MMR vaccine (DeStefano, 1). The reason for this controversy is due to the false publication done by a scientist by the name of Andrew Wakefield. “Since the publication of the paper by Wakefield et al epidemiological studies have failed to find an association between the MMR vaccination and Autism” DeStefano, 2). It is thanks to the study done by Wakefield and colleagues that has led many other researchers to continue to search for a possible link between the two with no luck. Immunizations can cause a few side effects however, for the majority they remain minimal. There have been a few cases when they go on to be increasingly severe still they can be genuinely rare. Due to the…

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