Mkc1 Study Guide Essay

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1. How does cultural diversity affect marketing?
A. By defining what is right and what is wrong in marketing
B. By requiring tailored marketing strategies
C. By creating a need for a new marketing technologies
D. By studying different cultural practices

2. What element should marketing managers consider when scanning the competitive environment?
A. The human mind
B. Transfer price
C. Substitute products
D. The distribution channel

3. When a group of retailers and wholesalers of a particular product decided to all raise prices together and they are accused of overpricing customers. Which federal law allowed the United States to investigate this anti- competitive method ?
A. Sherman Antitrust Act
B. Robinson-Patman Act
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a. deregulation movement
b. oligopoly
c. temporary monopoly
d. antitrust remedies
20. Alliances are considered essential in a country where:
a. partnerships with local firms provide regional expertise for a company expanding its operations abroad.
b. laws require foreign firms doing business there to work with local companies.
c. the partners combine resources and capital to create competitive advantages in a new market.
d. efforts are required to achieve organizational objectives by predicting and influencing the competitive and political-legal environments.

21. An industry with only a few large competing firms is called a(n):
a. regulated monopoly.
b. pure monopoly.
c. perfect competition.
d. oligopoly.

22. Which types of marketing are common positioning strategies
a. Supply chain and channel marketing
b. Competitor-based and application-based marketing
c. Transaction-based and customer-based marketing
d. Consumer behavior research and business-to- business marketing

23. Which research methods are used by marketing researchers to collect primary data?
a. Observation, surveys and controlled experiments
b. Library research, data polling, and queuing experiments
c. Quality revisions, visualizations, and demographic studies
d. Population, physiological sampling and psychographic sampling

24. Potential new entrant to an industry is one element in Porter’s five forces

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