Mitigation Strategies and Solutions - Energy Conservation Solutions

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Mitigation Strategies and Solutions Final Project:

Energy conservation is a process that every one in the world should be aware of not just for the rising cost of energy that is used by the consumer, but also the destruction that it can stop on the earths resources. Energy conservation is the reducing or eliminating of unnecessary energy use and waste by decreasing the quantity of energy used for achieving the same outcome. There are many tools that can be used for energy conservation

Focus on a specific environmental problem using one of the categories listed below as a starting point. After reading and reflecting on the category you chose, narrow your focus to a particular problem within that category. For example, if you chose
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Include at least four outside sources. Two of the four sources should be peer-reviewed. If you need assistance with identifying a peer-reviewed article, review Appendix G. Format your paper according to APA guidelines. Post your paper as an attachment.

Chapter 1, 1.4: How We Handle Environmental Problems reviews the process to be followed when addressing an environmental problem (See Figure 1.10). There are five stages in addressing an environmental problem. Those stages are:
1. Scientific assessment involves identifying a potential environmental problem and collecting data to construct a model
2. Risk analysis evaluates the potential effects of intervention
3. Public education and involvement: occur when the results of scientific assessment and risk analysis are placed in the public arena
4. Political action:. elected or appointed officials implement a particular risk-management strategy
5. Evaluation monitors the effects of the action that was taken and makes corrections as new information becomes available.

1. Action items: Provide the items or activities that need to be addressed or that need to occur. Refer to the following example: My plan for sustaining clean air in my community is to develop an education program about air pollution-generating activities and their effects, schedule a presentation day and time, invite community participants, and research the effects of air

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