Misunderstandings Can Cause Many Mishaps Essay

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Misunderstandings can cause many mishaps, sometimes even destroying the relationships that bind people together. In fact, a common unattributed quote says “The worst distance between two people is misunderstanding.” Take President Andrew Jackson, who served from 1829-1837, as an example. Many people look up to him as a founding father and stalwart of America, but they also associate him with racism, specifically that of the Native Americans and the Trail of Tears (when thousands of Cherokee men, woman, and children were forced to move across the country, resulting in many deaths), and African Americans. They think of him as a cruel bigot who was only interested in serving the white people. However, after researching the matter at length, some researchers such as Cambridge professor Nicholas Guyatt feel that Jackson was not as racist as many people picture. In fact, they find him to have been an “enlightened American,” doing the best he could to help his fellow man. Others, such as historian and University of Columbia Eric Foner, disagree, believing that Jackson was racist after all. Obviously, both views cannot be correct as they are mutually exclusive. In addition, I have not studied this matter in the extent required to make a definitive decision. Nevertheless, it seems to me that elements of both Guyatt’s and Foner’s arguments are valid and worth considering. First, it seems ridiculous to me to assert that Andrew Jackson saw American Indians and black people as equal…

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