Mistakes But Well Intentioned Managers Make Essay

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6 Mistakes Even Well-Intentioned Managers Make
Written By Jennifer Niskanen, September 2015

Most of us know at least some of the theories behind good team management, or at least we think we think we do. Honestly, that might be your first mistake. As a subject, it has certainly been studied enough. There is a lot out there already to learn from, but it still seems like the best practices are rarely put in place. Even when they have the best of intentions, new managers, in particular, tend to make certain common mistakes:

1. Unclear Definitions of Goals and Obstacles
If you don 't have clear goals, your people won 't either. Productivity lags because people don 't know what 's important or how best to use limited resources. Create an overall mission for the organisation and a detailed plan and timeline that breaks down how to get there. Regularly outline tangible, short-term outcomes with clear deadlines that will drive everyone in the right direction.
And, don 't fall into the trap of thinking that goal setting is a one-time, solo activity. Goals need continual renewal and reassessment, and you shouldn 't try to do it all on your own. Examine what works in different areas with the entire team and find new ways of building on established success.
The other side of the coin is looking for common obstacles. What holds your team back or slows them down? Find the problems that team members are reluctant to talk about and deal with them quickly and efficiently. Encourage…

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