Mission Statement On Smoking

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Partnership between the Prince George’s County Health Department and CVS on Smoking The Prince George’s health department in a bid to reduce the rate at which people die from tobacco-related diseases got into a partnership with CVS to further enlarge what has been in place in the community. This type of partnership can be classified under strategic orientation, with a focus on stakeholder partnership and also to a certain extent, resource dependency partnership. The Prince George’s health department partnered with CVS pharmacy because they share the same sets of interests, goals and they also aim at achieving the same results – smoking cessation and making the public smoke-free. It can also be categorized to a large extent under the functional …show more content…
The mission is to help in the prevention of death and diseases caused by tobacco uses, and also the exposure to second-hand smoke. Thus fulfilling two of the ten essential public health functions, which is, (a) monitoring health status to identify community health problems, and (b) mobilizing community partnerships to identify and solve health problems. The health department has identified the risks involved in smoking, after a lot of surveillance, thus the need to address the issue with CVS pharmacy which already shares the same vision with them. The CVS too will support the health department and also educate the public on the risks identified. The CVS pharmacy ended the sale of tobacco products in all their pharmacies because they realized it was not consistent with their purpose, which is to help people on their path to better health. They realized that cigarettes and tobacco products have no place in a setting such as CVS, where health care is …show more content…
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