Misogyny In Hip Hop

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Music has modernized cultures around the globe. Every generation goes through a trend of music that inspires appearance, behaviors and opinions. Music is an element that everyone can connect with, and as long it continues to progress, our society will as well. Hip Hop is one specific genre that has geared towards many debates regarding the direction that it is taking towards its listeners. This genre has found a way for other genres to satisfy its style and unpreventable appeal. Since 1980 hip hop has changed individuals’ mindsets but not always in a positive factor. Hip hop has been a foundation and trend setter for our culture as well as a guide for the past decades. Unfortunately, corporate sales has taken over the content of hip hop music and motivating artist to take the misogynistic approach to sell and advertise music.
According to sociologist Allan G. Johnson, misogyny defined as a multicultural attitude and animosity towards females simply because of their gender. He believes that misogyny is not just a part of the preconceptions of sexist and is an important factor of male authority over females. Johnson not only speaks on misogyny but also how it is represented through different aspects, such as pornography, media and music. He believes that it is also encouraging self-hatred that women have been taught to feel towards
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Music plays a significant role in negative stereotypes and has the most commonly found derogatory language and misleading perceptions of women within the hip hop culture. Misogyny is generally expressed through hip hop through musical lyrics and depictions against women to portray superiority over women. This has an influence on how women are portrayed and what women standardize themselves to be, enticing the next generation minds of youth to have no value, respect and dignity amongst themselves as well as one

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