Misogyny In Hip Hop Culture

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I completely agree with this quote and the sentiments it encompasses. Misogyny runs rampant through both hip hop music and hip hop culture, and reveal much larger problems that still exist in our society. Examples of misogyny can be seen in almost every aspect of hip hop culture, and in all four pillars of hip hop B-Boying/B-Gigling, DJing. MC’ing and Graffiti. Misogyny can be seen in B-Boying/B-Gigling in the documentary All The Ladies Say. It describes many of the struggles that are faced by women trying to get into the B-Boying /B-girling world. Dancers say that they struggle finding people who are willing to teach them, are not respected by others in the community, and are seen exclusively by their gender, and are therefore are often pitted against each other, only deepening the divide between women in the game, and consequently between women and the art form itself. These ideas of not being respected in their field, being refused teaching, and being seen only for their gender can also be seen in DJing, in the story of DJ Kuttin Kandy, and in Graffiti in words of lady pink. In MC’ing, which has developed into the modern genre of rap music has the most severe examples of misogyny. Misogyny and “womanhating” pervade every aspect of rap including the lyrics of the music, the …show more content…
And in the excerpt he basically says that hip hop felt like it belonged once it reached Tanzania. He states that it was very well received and that it provided the people with a new voice and new ideas. He also says that it greatly improved communication because people could share traditional ideas and culture through hip hop to better connect with the younger generation and people all around the world. This shows hip hop as a form of liberation, not oppression, and allows the Africans to express themselves in ways that they never before

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