Mise En Scene In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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My mise-en scene of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is an analogy adaptation based on the events of Chapter 54. The setting occurs on a street of New York apartments on a cloudy, gloomy day. After a dinner in which the Bennets met Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley, Elizabeth goes outside to sit on the stairs of her porch and think about her current state of mind. The scene is symbolic for Elizabeth’s conflicting feelings for Mr. Darcy. Through the use of diegetic sounds, the scene will give the audience a glimpse of the inner thoughts of Elizabeth and how her body language portrays it. Hints of the sun can be seen peeking behind the clouds, and the sun begins to light up the setting when Jane enters. This represents the joy that Jane has over her …show more content…
But it quickly disappears, and she bites her lip. Her eyes become narrow as she goes into deeper thought. The sound of the cars in the background begins to fade as Elizabeth begins to think, but the music of Echosmith is still present. Begin with a shallow focus of the red daisies on the side of her. Then, switch to a racking focus of Elizabeth who is in the background of the flowers, and she places her elbow on her knee and rests her chin on the palm of her hand.
Straight-on angle of Elizabeth, still biting her lip and looking anxious. She picks up a small pebble beside her. It is a simple, gray, and oval. She rolls the pebble around in her hands, but not looking at the it. She keeps staring off into the street with a glaring gaze.
Elizabeth with an internal diegetic sound: "I don’t understand that idiotic Mr. Darcy. Why did he decide to show up if he did not want to talk to me? He acted so indifferent and cold. Was it because I rejected his marriage proposal, and now, he no longer wants to pursue me? But, then again, why did he come to dinner? He must still have feelings, but it did not appear so.”
Elizabeth continues to think intensely. Displaced diegetic sound of Mr. Darcy’s comments from various moments of her encounter with
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Darcy, standing erect with a cold expression. He is wearing simple black suit, with his hands in the pockets of his slacks. There is no sign of any emotion in his face. Close-up of Elizabeth’s face, her eyebrows begin to furrow. A Medium-shot of Mr. Darcy still cold. Then, back to Elizabeth. Again, close-up of Mr. Darcy’s cold expression. Reaction shot of Elizabeth and she begins to frown and breathe heavily with anger. Extreme close-up of Mr. Darcy revealing his dark, cold brown eyes. Still expressionless. High-angle and reaction shot of Elizabeth as she looks up and groans in frustration and throws her arms up and stands. The intense music from a symphony, especially from the violins and drums are emphasized, builds until her moment of expressed range. Once she stands, there is no music. It is quiet, except for the natural sounds of the environment around her such as the

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