Mis 535 Week 2 Course Project – Business Problem Essay

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Provide an opportunity for students to apply a technology solution to a business problem in a specific company or organization that adds value to the organization. The Course Project’s focus is on the use of technology to solve specific business problems. Although the list of technologies that you can choose for your Course Project is vast, the following are some current technical topic suggestions
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This could be how a business person would access this type of information.
• The business problem is high cost of IT and product development, and the benefits are profitability, faster development time, or increased sales. The solution might be Cloud computing describing the Cloud computing approach taken; for example, SaaS or Cloud virtualization.

Summary of Course Project Requirements Course Project
The project should follow the APA style of citing references in the text and on the bibliography page. No fewer than five references must be used for research and properly cited in the paper and in the bibliography. Ensure correct spelling and grammar (use built-in tool with MS Word). Credible reference sources are available through the DeVry Library and other sources. Please do not use Wikipedia. The project must be 10–15 pages in length (excluding the cover page, table of contents, bibliography and any attachments which includes images, tables or graphs), double spaced, using Times New Roman font, 12-point, using 1 inch margins and headings for the paper format requirements. The table of contents for the Course Project:
• Cover page
• Table of contents
• Abstract
• Brief company background
• Discussion of business problem(s)
• High level solution
• Benefits of solving the problem
• Business or technical approach
• Business

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