MIS 535 Course Project Essay

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Transition and Implementation of CRM Sales Force Automation

Managerial Applications of Information Technology—MIS 535
Devry University, Keller Graduate School of Management
June 16, 2013

Table of Contents
Abstract 3
Company Background 3
Business Problems 4
High-Level Solution 5
Business/Technical Approach 7
Business Process Changes 8
Conclusion and Overall Recommendations 9
High-Level Implementation Plan 9
Summary of Project 10
References 12
This proposal will discuss all key aspects needed to ensure a seamless transition and implementation of an automated sales force CRM, or Customer Relationship
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Until this problem is fixed, key financial, market and customer data is being underutilized and more importantly, bioMérieux could very well be missing out on game changing data that could ultimately make them, the world leaders in, in vitro diagnostics.
High-Level Solution
The most efficient way for finding the right system, which provides all critical commercial business capabilities, is to form a committee, comprised of various levels of end users, which will include key opinion leaders (KOPs) from; sales, management, marketing, finance and customer support and relations. Once the committee is formed, they will be tasked with providing key operating metrics needed from each key business entity which comprises the entire organization, departmental feedback will be critical to ensure the final standardized CRM system meets the criteria that each department feels is key for increasing commercial operation accuracy and efficiency. Once the criteria is comprised, the task force, with the help of IT, will be tasked with finding an operating system or systems that meet the criteria put

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