MIS 101 study guide Essay

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The methods used in producing information is referred to as ___ INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

___ are raw, unprocessed facts such as inventory levels DATA

Information systems exist to help businesses achieve their ___ GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

Data becomes information when it has a ___ CONTEXT

Although it is not possible to increase your IQ, it is important to realize that you can increase the ___ of your thinking QUALITY

The ___ ratio of computers has fallen dramatically for years PRICE TO PERFORMANCE

A(n) ___ is a group of components designed to produce information IS

It is illegal to actively seek out ___to which you do not have authorization to access. ???

A keyboard is an example
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ipants do not need to be in the same place or participate at the same time for a ___ meeting VIRTUAL

Those who engage in ___ thinking consider their view as one possible interpretation of the situation and actively work to learn what other people are thinking EMPATHETIC

___ involves people working together with feedback and iteration COLLABORATION

___ systems may have no control, version tracking, or version management SYNCHRONOUS COMMUNICATIONS

Shared documents in ___ systems are placed in libraries VERSION-CONTROL

Version-control systems place documents in shared directories called ___ LIBRARIES

Email is the most frequent ___ meeting used by teams ASYNCHRONOUS

___ thinking centers on the self, with little appreciation for others’ points of view EGOCENTRIC

___ allow one team member to post an idea and have others comment on it DISCUSSION FORUMS

___ is important to ensure that all team members are working on the same version of a project CONTENT MANAGEMENT

Strategic ___ concern broader-scoped organizational issues DECISIONS

Project management needs ___ management, content management, and workflow control systems COMMUNICATION

___ systems not only track changes to documents and allow for concurrent work VERSION MANAGEMENT

___ include whether to extend credit to a customer OPERATIONAL DECISIONS

Deciding which invoices to pay today would be an example of a(n) ___ decision OPERATIONAL

The procedure

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